Inclined Lift Biella

The inclined lift of Biella is part of the redevelopment of the existing urban transport system built with the funicular "Biella Piano - Biella Piazzo", built in 1885 and subsequently renovated several times until the system currently in operation, which was put into service following the survey visit carried out on 27 and 28 May 1975.

The need to modernise and improve the quality of the service, which in itself is very costly if implemented on the existing funicular railway, has also led the technical performance evaluations to other new types of systems, such as inclined lifts, which in recent years have increasingly found applications in urban transport. The decision to improve the quality of service by replacing the current funicular with two inclined lift systems was also greatly facilitated by the technical characteristics of the existing line layout, which adapts optimally to the ordinary characteristics of an inclined lift system due to its constant gradient, straightness and length.