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the GATE project consists of two distinct sub-projects:

  • the new train stop of Erzelli/Airport, which is located on the Genoa – Ventimiglia line, between the stations of Sestri Ponente and Cornigliano
  • the connection system with cable between the new stop and airport passenger terminal.

The solution adopted for the connection system is a cluster ”goes and comes” cableway ” with vehicles to 10 seats, with a capacity  between 600 and 700 people an hour. The system provides for the stop of cabins in station, to consent an easy access and exit, even for passengers with reduced mobility.

In virtue of transportation needs, it is estimated that the system can operate for over hours in a year. The technological solution adopted ensures low running expenses and maintenance costs.
The project is part of a larger infrastructure investments which includes the modernization
Of the air terminal and the creation of the future airport intermodal centre  (Project GATE2), and in future also the connection with the settlement area of Erzelli .
Station buildings are designed to integrate in the best possible way with the pre-existent airport terminal and the new railway station.