It’s better to be good to the environment

Our professional staff that deals with energy derived from
Solar PV, wind and hydroelectric.
The development phases of the process are:

  • technical-commercial inspection, with the evaluation of the standard and costs considering:
    • power of the system to be realized on the basis of consumption and to the client's needs;
    • configuration of useful surfaces;
    • exposure and restriction of useful surface;
  • quote processing;
  • architectural and electrical feasibility study;
  • preliminary economic assessment:
    • financial analysis,
    • payback time,
    • installed product of the system warranty,
    • technical assistance,
    • additional services (monitoring productivity, damage insurance, etc);
  • final quotation processing.

Is prerogative of Dimensione Energie to carefully look for the best architectural
of the installation, taking care of every technical-functional and aesthetic aspect. We work also with pre-existent systems to make structural improvements, re-placacing and implementations, in order to get the maximum efficiency and maximum production.