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Prè de La Saxe - Courmayeur (Ao)
Refuge Bertone (Aosta)

3,27 kWp

"Stand Alone” system stands by Bertone refuge at an altitude of 2000 m  ASL, at Pré de La Saxe-Courmayeur (Aosta). This system is made up of 8 crystalline silicon modules installed on the south-pitch of the roof. The total power is of 1400 Wp. A group of 12 batteries is installed and it is capable of delivering a nominal power of 15, 7 AH for 10 consecutive hours (lead-acid batteries with high efficiency, 10-15 years life and good power of endurance to temperature ranges, especially at high altitude). An inverter SB1700 of 1700W and an inverter Sunny island, type Sl 4248, of 4.200W are installed and they fulfill to several  functions required by the net: recharging batteries and generating set supply included.
The second system realized at Bertone is twin to the first, so as to completely cover the energy requirements of the refuge. This configuration enables to guarantee a more than adequate supply to the users even in case of failure of one of the two systems. 12 modules are installed on the north/north-east rock face behind the refuge, fixed a special structure. Their inclination is almost upright so that snow ore ice can get free very fast. Modules are made of monocrystalline silicon from 200Wp power, for a total of 2400 Wp. Here a Sunny Boy 2500 inverter, from 2.500 W, and a bi-directional inverter Sunny island from 5000 W are installed. 2003 is finally installed a third system on the south-pitch of the roof, made up of 10 very high efficiency PV modules by SunPower biulder, for a unitary power of 327 Wp each and a  total installed power of 3.27 kWp.
2014 to conclude the way toward an energetic self-sufficiency, was installed a wind generator
With vertical axis positioned on a pole. It is able to harness the wind present at high altitude, in the best possible way, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the photovoltaic generators offer a reduced contribution of energy. The combination of different solutions linked with each other, enables to have a diversified production, that is capable of covering the structure requirements at different times of day and throughout the year.