Renovation and recycling

Dimensione Energie has always been careful to respect the environment and territory. The Ministerial Decree of 11 May 5, 2012 (Art. paragraph 6), starting from the date of June 30, 2012, determines the obligation of membership-from the producers of solar panels to a system or consortium that ensures the proper recycling of the panels. Pursuing the goal to reach a climate-neutral energy production system, in February 2012, Dimensione Energie decides to join European PVCycle, association, that is a not-profit organization which works in accordance with the
major producers of photovoltaic panels. The aim is to ensure the end client  or user the proper recycling of all components. Dimensione Energie was Collection Point, free collection point
damaged solar panels at the end of their life, able to respond to various needs, from small domestic
system up to large systems. Currently we manage entire production chain from production to disposal according to the most recent regulations about WEEE.